I found a new location to celebrate National Croissant Day

When I moved from New York City about 18 months ago I seriously missed the many ethnic food shops that Central Florida simply does not have in abundance. Sure, after a few months here I came across an authentic French Bakery that I adored. However they soon closed after the landlord booted them out to erect a much needed 7-11. Florida priorities. For some time they have listed a new place but for many months it has only listed “Coming Soon.” So my next surprise was a different and unexpected option.

Welcome to the Yalaha Bakery. It’s is actually a German Bakery of all things but they make wonderful, truly perfect croissants! You can see the laminating machine through a window into the kitchen and they use it well. The name? Well, it is in the little town of Yalaha, right next door to the little town of Okahumpka. You know the place. So if you are in the neighborhood you must stop by. Just follow the aroma of freshly baked breads and other goodies.

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