Today is National Florida Day and all the strangeness that comes with it

National Florida Day celebrates the day this region of the US officially became a state. No wonder it happened during a winter month. Florida seems to attract an entire bevy of odd characters. Watching the local news is practically a three ring circus.

This season is my favorite all year. Moderate, even warm, days make it perfect motorcycle riding season. It has also attracted residents who don’t do so well in colder climes. Such as…

Iguanas are not native to Florida but have become a pest and invasive species. They come from even warmer climes such as the Caribbean and Central America. But once they landed on our shores they liked and stayed and thrived here. They hang out in trees and electrical lines (where they provide occasional short circuits). But where they harken from there are not any freezes. There are a few here.

And that is the issue. These cold blooded creatures cannot handle temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When it gets that cold they can no longer maintain their motor control and easily fall from the tree branch they are perched on. And drop. No aim, no control, they just plummet earthward (because gravity is not just a good idea – it’s the law!). On those occasion our local newscast issues an Iguana Alert. No kidding. When it reaches that cold they just fall and sometimes strike people standing below them. So if you do visit Florida during a chilly day, keep your eyes up and watch for Falling Iguanas!

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