Welcome Introverts, this is your day…

Today is January 2 and is actually World Introvert Day. Count me in. Whereas some people attribute anti-social and stunted people skills to introverts, I view it as quite the opposite.

In today’s social media show-off culture and aggressive oversharing, some of us are quite comfortable in our own skin and don’t need the constant feeding of our ego to find gratification. My mother always claimed that even as a tiny tot she could give me a book and I would be perfectly quiet and absorbed for hours.

Though I spent my early career as a stage actor I was never one of those who was “on” all the time in any environment. Even later as a leader in cultural organizations, I never fell into the trap to make every moment about me. At a party or crowd of people I am more likely to be stepping aside to observe others. I attribute that observation to leading to my current focus on writing stage scripts.

So if you are an introvert, congratulations. We are never likely to gather in large gatherings and if we did it would be a rather quiet group. No problem with that, I have lots of ebooks to catch up on anyway. Happy World Introvert Day!

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