Chocolate Covered Cherries National Day (again)

You bet I am a big fan of Chocolate Covered Cherries and their National Day, January 3. I’ve written two previous posts about them here on my blog and I’m happy to do so again today today.

I mean who can resist their plain sweet goodness right before you. They seem to beckon you, whisper in your ear, call for you bite into their delicious goodness. Oops, sorry about that…

The craziest thing just happened. That cherry just broke the casing holding it. Well, luckily I always carry a handy spoon as I edit this blog and I will just clean up the evidence, I mean terrible mess. Figure I ought to just eat it to dispose of it, yes?

That’s better. And that cherry didn’t give its chocolate dome, er, home in vain. It was quite delicious and well worth the calories. All better now. Wait a moment. What are the odds? Oops, it happened again.

My goodness. Those cherries must be very attracted to me. Yet another seems to have burst out of its shell trying to reach out to me. Well, better do the decent thing and consume it. Where did I put my spoon? Ah, there it is.

That’s better. All cleaned up and a closeup shot at that. Isn’t it quite lovely? Lucious. Alluring. Tempting. Wouldn’t you want to – oh my goodness however did that happen again?

Oh my goodness. So embarrassing. Sorry you had to witness that. Give me just a moment and I will clean it all up.

Now, what was I talking about? All I seem to have left in my cubicle is a spoon. And a faint smear of chocolate on my lips.

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