My play in a classroom

Recently I had a request from an undergraduate student at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. She had found one of my plays on the website I have only a few of my play scripts up there and need to find time to post more. It is my first experience in a stranger finding a script and being interested.

Lainee Stiver is in a directing class at the university and needed a short play to direct for her class. She selected “2020 – A Perfect Year for Magical Thinking” and chose students Sofia Hedström and Maxwell Steele for the roles. Watch your Broadway Playbills in the future for these three names. They are still in school but I am confident they will go far.

I did not charge them for use of the script but asked that I either have a chance to visit to see it (impossible because of the play I am now in – more later) or provide me a copy of the performance (I learn more every time I see a production of my work). It happened Monday and she sent me a copy yesterday. It is not a professional video but clear enough to make it out nicely. I will be indeed studying it the weeks ahead to see if I wish to make any edits to the script for future use.

I am very grateful for Ms. Stiver’s work and follow-up. Some of you saw the play performed and streamed by the Old Library Theatre in New Jersey, but it is no longer distributed. I have placed it in my YouTube channel and you can access it here through YouTube if you are interested…

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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