Throwback Thursday – a long ago family Cincinnati Reds game as their 2022 Campaign is launched!

If you read this blog at all regularly you already know my life long love of the Cincinnati Reds. Though delayed, the Reds will open their season in Atlanta tonight. It is only the third time since 1890 that the Reds have not opened the season in Cincinnati. The last time that happened was in 1990 when a labor dispute pushed back the start of the season, requiring the Redlegs to open the season on the road. That was a pretty good year – that last year the Reds won the World Series in a their famous wire to wire season.

The most recent labor dispute has again set back Opening Day for all teams But city festivities will kick in on April 12 for the home opener with the customary Findlay Market Opening Day Parade. The Grand Marshall will be Barry Larkin. The game’s ceremonial first pitch being lobbed by Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow. You may have heard of him earlier this year.

Though I moved out of Cincinnati at age 15, I have always followed them closely and have gotten free MLBTV from T-Mobile this year to see as many games as I can fit in my schedule. Whenever I return to Cincinnati I try to catch a game. The picture below is from one such year, long ago. You can see me with my Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Reed, my Uncle Jack and Aunt Marge, and my cousin Kim, with her husband Dennis and their family. I don’t recall the precise year nor the final score. It is always a happy day in ball yard with my family. This will be our season. Go Reds!

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