National Set A Good Example Day

We all influence other people by the example we set with everything we do. We need to remember that as we go about our daily life and make decisions that affect other people. The example we set can sometimes have a greater impact than the results of the decision itself. Remember that as you go through your day. This is an unusual National Day as it was established just this year by a group called The Way to Happiness that you can find here:

I don’t know much about the group but they look interesting. They have a set of 21 precepts that help you set your priorities. It is ironic that they set this day in advance because they could not have known of the events of this week and the actions of a man setting a very bad example for the entire world you may have heard a lot about. It seems to me that he has broken nearly every precept this organization has set. Do not follow the example of this truly evil modern man.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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