Celebrating Cincinnati Cuisine #1 Grippo’s Snack Foods

In celebration of the Cincinnati Bengals returning to the Super Bowl after an absence of more than three decades, I will post a unique Queen City Flavor Experience each day until the big day. Many regions of this country developed food or drink preferences that have withstood the national big brands swamping America with their saturated marketing and bland sameness. I grew up in and around Cincinnati and all of these brands stuck with me as I traveled far and wide to live in other places. If you’ve never lived in or traveled through Cincinnati, these brands may surprise you and some people, on first taste, don’t fall in love with them. But to me, they are the flavors of my youth and I love them dearly. Let me explain…

Our first sample is pretty straightforward. Grippo’s started in 1919 creating sugar cones for ice cream in a one room office in Cincinnati. They expanded in 1923 creating pretzels that sold for a penny each. In 1930 Mr. Grippo invented the ‘loop pretzel’ (shaped like a teardrop) and the machines to create it that resisted pretzel breakage.

In 1959 they added potato chips to their offerings, and for which they are best know today in a variety of flavors, especially Bar-B-Q. They have a strong loyalty in Cincinnati and can be found at most picnics and barbecue gatherings there. They also have jerky, pork rinds, popcorn, and other fun foods. They even sell a popular Bar-B-Q spice to flavor your meats!

You can find their website below and you can order many of their products to be delivered.


Here is a sampling of what I bought online and am working on devouring as you read this. Be sure to stop by for the second in my series – a product you might very well find in your local grocery store.

As always you can find more at www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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