Throwback Thursday – Serious Fancy Event with crazy tuxedo selection

Back when I was in high school (during the Punic Wars) I was involved in several extracurricular activities, mostly revolving around theatre. But I did take a whirl in that very conservative, very business oriented organization known as Junior Achievement. The deal was to create a mock company, build a product, sell it to reluctant family and friends and do all the framework of a corporation from accounting to marketing. I was president of such a company one year and twisted enough relative’s arms to be the top selling company in the Fort Lauderdale group. Accordingly I was seated at the head table of the annual banquet and gave out as well as received plaques and certificates. Being a theatrically minded crazy hippie I did not fit into the conservative mindset of this capitalist training organization. I had to rent a tuxedo for the evening and so I chose this one:

Did I stand out a bit? Well, I did stand up through in the sun roof of my VW Bug to show it off!

Yep, the business community volunteers training us to be good capitalists were a little taken aback by my long hair and (ahem) somewhat showy red velvet tuxedo jacket. Ahhh, the seventies! Gotta love it! That was just before the ceremony. Here I am at the banquet giving out an award.

Handing out an award at the banquet. A shame the official pictures were just black and white!

Not sure that I changed Junior Achievement or that it changed me. But I sure had a good time.

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