Look out above for National Iguana Awareness Day

Some say that today* is National Iguana Awareness Day. Some will say that the day is to help educate you on how to better keep these lizards as pets. Others will tell you that it is to warn you they could fall out of trees on top of you.**

That last one takes some explaining. You see, Iguanas, like other lizards, are cold blooded and through human interference have spread well beyond their natural habitat. As they encroach into areas like where I now live, Central Florida, they reach areas which actually have periods of frost and even the occasional freeze. If they have perched in a tree and it gets too cold for them they can actually go into shock, lose their grip and fall from the tree.

Yes, you heard that correctly, during colder Florida days a lizard could randomly fall from his perch onto you.*** Be aware, be very aware…

*Some years ago the “National Day” was posted for September 8 but later posted for the second Saturday of September, causing much confusion for the lizards who did not update their calendars.

**While originally intended to promote keeping these lizards as pets it was co-opted by those periodically clobbered by lizards falling from icy perches.

***In future Florida cold spells I intend to walk with a helmet, heck I may even opt for a suit of armor. Happy Iguana Awareness Day!

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