Throwback Thursday – A National Dog Day Remembrance!

August 26 is National Dog Day and this year it falls on a Throwback Thursday. I have known a number of great dogs and know some fantastic ones now (speaking of you Kane!). But today is all about our small dachshund Snooper that we got when we lived in Cincinnati and transported to Florida when we moved there nearly five decades ago. He was much loved by myself and my siblings and deeply mourned by my father when the little fellow finally passed.

He was a great favorite of the family and very active for most of his life. Bones everywhere feared him…..

We very much loved playing with him and he with us. But rumors that I rode him like a horsy are entirely unfounded…

Yeah, the look in Snooper’s eyes tells it all. “Who is this idiot anyway?”

It was exhausting being such an active, loving dog. So he needed to find his rest when he could…

So happy National Dog Day and dream back to the pups you have loved and those that loved you back. And then your little legs will pump in the air when you sleep and you will drool just a little bit on your pillow. Or maybe that’s just me!

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