National Banana Split Day

When I was growing up in Ohio, our parents would take us to Dairy Queen from time to time for a special treat. When we were very young we were only allowed a Dilly Bar (vanilla ice cream in a chocolate shell). As we grew older we could move up the menu and the Peanut Buster Bar was next (add peanuts and a fudge ribbon) and so on. I do not remember the exact age equivalents and subsequent stepping stones but our ice cream options became more “sophisticated” as we added trips around the sun. If you asked me how old I was, I answered in what dessert I could acquire from the Queen of Dairies.

In my day the ultimate Dairy Queen Treat was the exalted Banana Split with three kinds of ice cream and sauces, whipped cream, rosy red cherries, and the healthful fruit base. I don’t remember reaching that stage as much as getting to buy it for myself with my allowance (also supplied by my parents in exchange for child labor – clever how they transferred free support to earned income). Of course today many more complicated ice cream creations are available seemingly everywhere. But I still remember how grown up I felt the first time I ate a Banana Split. To celebrate listen to one of my many favorite Louis Prima songs below. Happy National Banana Split Day!

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