The single redeeming feature of COVID-19

2020 has been a pretty horrific year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans dying, cities and live audience events shut down and economic stresses not seen in decades. And yet, I have found one significant bright spot in this most difficult of times.

SantaCon has been cancelled. If you are not aware, this misguided event is billed as a charity cause but is really a revolting bar crawl gone horribly wrong. Participants wear Santa or Christmas garb swarm to designated neighborhoods where they disrupt anyone in their vicinity. Vomiting and urinating on city sidewalks and general boorish behavior is a hallmark of this crowd. Usually on the second Saturday in December, it was originally planned for this very evening. But it has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

I will be grateful to this little virus for tonight and then go back to hating it the remainder of the time. Merry Christmas and sleep in heavenly peace and quiet.

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