National Ice Cream Cake Day

Summertime is the perfect time for an ice cream cake. And when I think of that I think of Carvel. If you lived in an eastern state you were familiar with the television commercials with founder Tom Carvel. By the time I saw them he was a crusty older guy who was quirky and endearing. A bit of history from the Wikipedia entry:

Carvel was founded and operated by Tom Carvel for its first 60 years. In 1929, Carvel borrowed $15 ($200 today[7]) from his future wife Agnes and used it to buy and operate an ice cream truck. Over Memorial Day weekend of 1934, Carvel’s truck had a flat tire in Hartsdale, New York. Carvel sold his custard at the site of the breakdown. Within two days Carvel had sold his entire stock, much of it partly melted. He realized that a fixed location and soft (as opposed to hard) frozen desserts were good business ideas.

And one of his signature ice cream cakes was Fudgie The Whale, always a favorite for Father’s Day. And every Christmas Season they would use the same pan to make their Santa Cake. Hey, the pan was on hand, easy-peasy alteration, just different color icing! Enjoy an ice cream cake today!

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