Results and Future of the Quarantine Beard

As New York City moves into Phase 2 of reopening, barber shops finally got back to business. About time. I’d gone three months without a beard trim (as an experiment) and it was bad.

It started off as a trim goatee but as time went on, I decided to let it go, because, hey, very few people would see it, especially when I wear a mask. So it grew bigger and fuzzier and more unruly. The sides began looking like it was growing wings.

The barber started off with hedge clippers and steadily moved to finer tools. He asked how short I wanted it, but I decided not to move back to the goatee. I may once again, but thought I would keep it fuller for the moment. I’m enjoying it for the moment but will see how I like it in the heat of summer. If all goes well, I have grand plans for the future. What do you think about my future plans with this rendering?

I have just a little more growing to go…

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