A surprised thank you to Korea

I’ve already lamented the delayed start to Major League Baseball and my Cincinnati Reds season and it is very depressing. On a lark I caught up with the opening of professional baseball in South Korea this week being broadcast on ESPN.

There are only ten teams in this small nation’s league but they started playing this week. The teams are owned by corporations. The players are talented but most are not quite at the level of MLB. But they play a fast and viable game and it is a treat to watch live professional baseball.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic there are no fans in the stands, yet, but it was refreshing to see a real baseball game. The crack of the bat, a masterful pitch and a bang-bang double play was a joy to see.

I admit that I will switch back to the familiar teams and players when (and if) baseball restarts in the states. But I am having a great time and watching these guys play have given me just a little joy in this lockdown. Thank you Korea.

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