Another Epicenter Dispatch

You may be aware of the ancient curse: May you live in interesting times. That is exactly where we find ourselves in New York. The numbers are coming down, too slowly, but reducing. Governor Cuomo has become must watch television. We are hunkering down but many in our city are itching to get out and about.

While our numbers are reducing there are many hot spots popping up across the country. While they lack our density they also lack our resources to fight this virus. While I pray they will be spared the worst, I fear many more will suffer and die. Listen to the experts please and help prevent the spread.

As this pandemic got under way Governor Cuomo warned for people to pay attention because what was happening to us would later happen to them. I worry he was prophetic. But things are stabilizing in New York. A trip to the grocery store today showed that most shelves have been restocked and for the most part people are wearing masks and being attentive to keeping their distance. There is hope, though the new normal will take some getting used to.

Tonight, for the first time ever, all of our subways will close between 1 AM and 5 AM to allow a complete cleaning and disinfectant process of every subway car. I almost never ride the subway recently and certainly not during those hours for many years. Still, it is a heartbreaking necessity to fight the virus and allow New York a few hours sleep every night. We’ll get there, we can do this. Stay well, stay safe and stay inside whenever possible.

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