Dispatch from the Epicenter

Hope you are well and taking care of yourself and your family. Here in New York we are praying for the week ahead. It will be tough as we approach the predicted apex. We hope it will not be as bad as the experts say but we must be prepared for the potential number of souls we will lose. We especially pray that our hospital workers and EMTs are able to withstand the pressure and stay healthy themselves. It will not be easy.

On the lighter side we should probably have seen this coming when we checked the horoscope attached. Yep, should have known. Meanwhile we continue to stay at home whenever possible and wear gloves and masks when we venture outdoors to hunt and gather (we gather supplies, not in groups for goodness sake).

Meanwhile we continue to stay safe and hope you will too. We try to provide a good example and are grateful for the support of friends and family. After all the family pictured here was one of the last to choose to self-isolate and what could go wrong there? Seriously, stay safe and don’t talk to the pictures on the wall. Meanwhile, I need to get back to my writing. Where did I leave that darn Big Wheel (TM) anyway?

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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