A whole new world

Exactly a week ago I fretted about what would happen if the spreading COVID19 infection hit the theatre industry. Yesterday it came true. Broadway has been shut down for at least a month. But it is much worse than that. Professional basketball and hockey have been suspended. College basketball playoffs, which at first was going to be played in empty arenas, has been cancelled. Baseball has been suspended with Opening Day moved back at least two weeks.

These moves are necessary to contain the spread the disease but should have happened earlier. This administration dismantled the office to deal with this type of threat a couple of years ago and we are now suffering the effects of their tear down of our government. It has been so bungled that after the president made a solemn speech from the Oval Office, three main points had to be “corrected” within hours of the speech. Where South Korea has been testing fifteen thousand people a day, the United States hasn’t tested close to that level over the entire months this crisis has been unfolding.

New York City has been jolted but will persevere. It will be tough but New Yorkers are tougher. Hang in there America and remember that government has an important part to play in our lives and when bungled, it can be catastrophic. See some special information below…

This is one of the best, most straightforward explanations I have found. Take five minutes and watch it for your own and your family’s benefit:

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