I’m Worried

Not that I might catch the COVID-19 virus. I understand the science and know the odds of me specifically becoming ill are very small (especially as I don’t get out as much lately). I’m worried that the worries of the general public will harm the theatre business. Not just Broadway here in New York but smaller live venues here and across the country.

As people begin to worry about being in crowds and interfacing with strangers, they are already cutting back on their social gatherings and self sheltering at home. Sure they have to commute and work but if they have a choice, why go out and be around complete strangers?

They have already cut back on plane travel, conventions and business gatherings, cruise ships and even various Chinatowns across the county. Tickets are often purchased in advance but as that fades do theatre tickets go unused? Theatre is naturally a communal event and is the central part of experiencing my favorite art form.

Television shows are watched at homes, movies are more often streamed in the home, but this would be much harder for live theatre. Already performers have consciously cut back on personal contact at the stage door. When do audience start staying away. This would be devastating to the business and the people it employs. Let’s hope we get this straightened out soon.

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