National Grammar Day

Today is National Grammar Day and it should be very important to everyone. Not everybody in the blogosphere are native English speakers. This is a difficult but rich language. It is hard to learn even by people born here. Be cautious about some common issues that will trip you up.

Be especially careful about how you do or do not use commas. The meaning of a sentence can change dramatically if you misuse a simple comma. You know what you mean but others may not known your true intent and you could be in real trouble. Study up on use of commas!

Also be very careful of homophones – words that sound alike but mean different things depending on how they are spelled. You may speak English quite well and can be understood. But writing it is very tricky so study up and get it right!

So feel free to wear your Grammar Police badge proudly. Help others handle English correctly. We need your help and know you will do good. Well, I meant you will do well. Stop judging me. No one is perfect. Wow. Give a person a badge and suddenly you feel entitled to correct just anyone. I’m outa here.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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