National Men Make Dinner Day

The first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day, but this National Day is more than a little suspect. Though it was started in 2001 it seems more than a little anachronistic in today’s age. Plus the website touting this phenomenon
is clearly British based on how they spell humour and other tells. So what nation are we talking about and why do we never see Boris Johnson in an apron?

As for me, I love to cook, as evidenced by the number of recipes to be found on this blog. With the advent of the Cooking Channel, Instagram Food Porn and celebrity male chefs are there really that many Cro-Magnon Males that only ever prepare food in front of a charcoal grill? Oh, I’m being told by women friends that yes, those throwback male humans do exist in droves. In that case, I recommend instead that every even numbered day be named National Men Cook Dinner Day to compensate. Oh, plus Thanksgiving, regardless of what date it falls on. Ladies, relax and watch some football!

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