National Doughnut Day – easy as pie…

I know, I know – there was a National Donut day back in June when all the big chains offered freebies in celebration. I think the makers of National Days are trying to goad their way into another free donut, but it is not working. Instead I want to feature a set of special doughnuts for Thanksgiving!

Yep, Krispy Kreme has invented three pie flavored doughnuts in time for Thanksgiving (and available only until then). Instead of spending time baking homemade treats for your family gathering, just pick up a box or two of these treats. They come in Dutch Apple Pie, Chocolate Kreme Pie and Cherry Pie flavors. Are you bold (or lazy) enough to serve these at your Thanksgiving feast instead of home made pies?

And in case you were wondering, yes they do offer a pumpkin spice doughnut. I believe that is now required by Federal law for autumn.

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