National Cousins Day

Happy National Cousins Day and luckily, I have a few to celebrate. To mark the occasion, I am including my favorite family portrait of all time. It was the summer of 1967 (I think it was the Fourth of July). It was scanned by my cousin Gigi who is helping us preserve family memories.

It was taken in the Cincinnati back yard of my Uncle Reed and Aunt Priscilla (proud parents of my cousins Kim and Chris). Also present were my Uncle Jack and Aunt Marge (proud parents of my cousins Gigi, Lana and Myra). My dad and mom, Todd and Donna (proud parents of my sister Ginnie and brother Ronnie). The weren’t so sure yet about me ;). Uncle Jack had mounted his camera on a tripod, set a timer and raced around to join the shot, standing jauntily hand on hip in his distinctive bow tie. It is the perfect 1960’s family group photo.

I remember those days and family gatherings fondly and warmly. We’ve all grown a lot older since then, especially me. But they were great times. Happy Cousins Day!

L to R adult standing – Uncle Jack and Aunt Marge, Uncle Reed and Aunt Priscilla, My mom and Dad (Donna and Todd). Also standing, my cousin Kim and sister Ginnie.
Front row L to R – my cousin Gigi, my cousin Chris, my Grandfather John, my cousin Lana, my Grandmother Lillian, my cousin Myra, me, and my brother Ronnie.

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