National Chili Dog Day

I’ve said it before and will happily say it again. My favorite Chili Dog is known as a Cheese Coney in Cincinnati Chili Parlors. Bun, stripe of yellow mustard, hot dog, diced onions, Cincinnati Chili*, generous heap of mild cheddar cheese. Deeeeeeelicious treat. You can find one in Edward’s restaurant this Monday (Cincinnati brands every last Monday night of the month). Though a tasty Skyline treat, the staff can’t do justice to the tight packages prepared at any of the Cincinnati Chili Parlors.

*Cincinnati has a unique version of chili which is essentially a meat sauce spiced with some unusual flavors like nutmeg, chocolate and nutmeg. Difficult to describe but impossible to forget, loved by most Cincinnatians and puzzled at by outsiders. Available in and around the city as well as southwest Florida where many from Cincinnati have retired.

As always you can find more on and on Twitter @walterthinnes

#ATOBTTR update – I’m happy you took the Brewers series, but gentlemen, my lovely Cincinnati Reds, you must set out on a streak as the trade deadline is just 6 days ago. It is possible that management could be tempted to sell off some players when I need you to stay together. Hang in there. Go Reds!

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