FootNotes #7 – Now we’re cooking with gas!

When I lost most of my mobility with the broken ankle I was confined to bed or a chair for most of the day. As Pamela came home to take care of me she could do many helpful things but she simply does not enjoy cooking. I love to cook and missed it terribly. As I steadily got better at moving around I needed to keep all weight off my right foot. How could I help out more and relieve some of the boredom of slow healing? A simple wooden stool in my New York City galley style kitchen.

By perching myself on the stool I was able to prop the leg up on the stool or let it hang freely. I can swivel my butt around between counter, sink, stove and refrigerator. What was a minus of a small kitchen became a plus of reachability. Pamela still needs to gather tools and bowls and food to put it all in reach but the chef burden is now lifted from her. And I am happier returned to the food service again. Someday soon I’ll be back on my feet in front of the stove, but until then I will treasure this simple wooden stool!

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