Make travel plans to see Manhattanhenge

There are many reasons to come to Manhattan: to see a Broadway Play; to visit a world class museum; to experience maddening subway delays. Or maybe to take a picture of the sun perfectly framed in our concrete canyons. That phenomenon is known as Manhattanhenge, a name bestowed by our own Neil deGrasse Tyson (from a particular world class museum). It perfectly describes the alignment of the sun with our street grid system around the winter and summer solstices with a Stonehenge reference.

To add it to your itinerary be sure to visit around December 5 and January 8 for the sunrise edition (wake up early) or May 28 and July 13 for the sunset edition (feel free to sleep in). Position yourself at a major cross street and snap away.

As it happens tonight and tomorrow (at around 8:20 PM) when you can capture an image of the sunset variety over the Hudson River and the weather is forecast to be glorious. (Always be sure to schedule your visit when there is not rain in the forecast – see how easy that is?) Meanwhile, if in town now, it is picture taking time!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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