National Tapioca Pudding Day

Tapioca pudding is a delicious and easy dessert option. My mom used to make it for me and my sister and brother when we were much younger. She would make a big double batch in a large bowl and keep it in the refrigerator. We all clamored for it and she allowed us to sample a bit during the day as a treat. She told us to not eat all of it during the day.

What she meant was to just sample a bit and leave enough so that the family could have it for dessert that night. What we heard was that none of us were allowed to take the last bite (and that meant “not eating all of it”). Many times she would open the refrigerator to discover just one tablespoon of pudding left in the bottom of the bowl. When we were scolded we proclaimed that we indeed had not eaten all of it, so we were technically obedient. We drove our mom crazy. Still shows today! Happy National Tapioca Pudding Day!

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#ATOBTTR update – don’t make me sad, my beloved Cincinnati Reds. You dropped the Colorado series and it was essential. Every series is essential as we enter the second half of the season. You have a real chance as the NL Central is more closely bunched than any other division. So go out and whip those Cubs, you’ve done pretty well against them this year. Show ’em you own ’em!

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