Review – Classic Albums Live: The Beatles; Abbey Road

Interesting Concept. This group has been around for sixteen years and I have never heard of them. Their idea is to create live concerts with note by note, cut by cut. This is not a tribute band where performers play the parts in audio and appearances. It is not an interpretation of an artist’s work but a full on copy. It is nice to hear live and it is pretty faithful (sometimes the timbre of the voices varied a bit from the original) but it was pretty darn good.

The album was a great choice and they finished the entire album in the first half. They then came back for a great selection from the The Beatles (Double White) and finished off with a rousing version of Hey Jude.

These are all talented musicians but uncredited in the program. I liked that they didn’t do lots of context placing and play acting. They just played the music. Great music exceptionally realized. I’ll watch for them in the future.

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#ATOBTTR – The Reds swept the Marlins! So we are on the rebound. Despite the hiccup we can do this. The Cincinnati Reds are on their way to a historic season. We just have to keep winning. Easy-peasy. We got this. Go Reds!

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