National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Mmmmm, I do like me some pork. If you’ve seen previous meat recipes on this blog you know I lean toward the piggie (Franken-Ribs, Homemade Breakfast Sausage and more…)

So I perked up when I saw today’s National Day. I was intrigued. My preference is Country Ham – not brined or water injected – but cured and smoked. It has been called “American Prosciutto” and is delightful and rather salty. Perfect for a biscuit.

Turns out there was excellent New York Times article on this topic last week. Check it out

Turns out that Harry J. Hoenselaar invented the spiral cutting machine and founded Honey Baked Ham Company to sell this new specialty. I will say this – spiral cut ham makes serving simpler. The Times pointed out that artisan ham makers are adapting the spiral cut method with their specialty pork goodies. I would like to taste better pork, cut artfully around the bone.

Homemade Glazed Easter Spiral Cut Ham with Carrots and Potatoes

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

#ATOBTTR update – we split the Mexico series with St. Louis this weekend. I’ll take it. We are only 5-9 but it certainly better than 1-8. I’ll take it. A few more four game winning streaks and no more eight game losing streaks would be fine. GO REDS!

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