World Theatre Day

Today is World Theatre Day and you should do all you can to see a live theatrical performance. I see about one theatrical performance per week and living in New York City, often at steep discounts, sometimes free. I highly recommend spending a communal experience with a group of strangers in the dark watching talented living artisans at work. There is nothing else like it.

I still recall my first three live shows that I saw in my high school in Cincinnati. They were a touring production of “Godspell” as well as “Harvey” and “The Tempest” at Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park. They formed an indelible memory and laid the seeds for working in the theatre most of my professional life.

And now I write play scripts for fun (but not yet profit) to hopefully one day contribute to this art form that has kept me captivated for so much of my life. Last night I saw Lanford Wilson’s “Burn This” on Broadway and won it on a ticket lottery. If you live in The Big Apple take advantage of all the chances you can do in this wonderful city. Happy World Theatre Day!

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