2019 WBAB Cold Finger Run

Last Sunday I went on the annual Cold Finger Run sponsored by radio station WBAB on Long Island. They traditionally start off the year by inviting motorcyclists to contribute to a children’s charity so they can partake in an hour long group ride escorted by police.

The sea of motorcycles

They gather at the Cradle of Aviation Field on Long Island. Here is a picture from my place in line and as you can see there were thousands of bikes of all kinds. Lots of bandanas, beards and adorned vests, yep mine too. Last year’s ride was eventually cancelled due to extreme cold weather but this was not bad with weather in the 40’s.

Yep, that is I riding Josephine

I was at the first quarter of the riders and the event photographer caught me exiting the parking lots. There were several other Spyder and other specialty bikes but Harleys prevailed. While previous runs were on New Years Day, this was on the first Sunday of the year. I prefer the New Years Day ride because of the symbolism and the reduced traffic.

I got this cool patch to add to my adorned vest to go with my other souvenirs. A group ride is always fun but it is difficult after to remember to stop at red lights that the police have recently ushered you through. I don’t do it every weekend but it is fun to join in now and then. Keep the shiny side up!

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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