Be More Chill heading to Broadway

You may recall my review of BE MORE CHILL on August 27.  I thought it was great and was excited it was rumored to be ready to transfer to Broadway.  It will start previews at the Lyceum Theater on February 23, 2019 and will open on March 10.  I am excited that it was discovered on social media through people downloading the cast album instead of an out of town try out or the anonymous theater site comments.  And I was buoyed by the fact that young people bought out the run at Signature Theatre (I saw it by winning the ticket lottery on Today Tix and you should too!).  You have only one more week to see it off-Broadway so enter the lottery today.  You never know what ticket options will be on the Main Stem.

Better than that, in my review I opined that though it was fun and infectious, I felt it needed more work and editing as it felt like an early version.  I was thrilled to read the following: “Of course, a new musical is never done and a new production means another chance to upgrade,” Iconis and Tracz said in the release. “Fans can expect that the show (like the Squip’s ever-changing wardrobe) will continue to evolve.”  Yes, it will only get better.  Don’t miss this next phenom!

Be More Chill

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