Catching Up – Seasons, Storms and Stones

Quick catch up on several topics:

  •  Today is the first day of fall and the weather in New York City is cooperating with a turn to the cool.  Love it.
  • Heard from the friends and relatives I know that were in the path of Florence and all seem fine but flooding has really taken a toll.  Even the Blue Ridge Parkway has been shut down for more than a week as check the route and hillsides for damage from the punishing rain.
  • Did you feel the earth move?  Where I live in upper Manhattan our neighborhood is on a long tall ridge resting on a giant strata of rock.  Our building is cantilevered out over the rock with struts attached to it.  A fifteen foot section of stone dislodged somewhat below our building, damaging two vehicles but fortunately no people.  The pictures below are twelve stories below our building.  It happened the night I returned from my trip and you see it just after falling and now blocked off for evaluation.  I blame the extra weight of the souvenirs I brought back.  Sorry, I’ll be more careful next time.

rock fallIMG_0248

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