My Motorcycle Mama

When mom decided she was going to throw a pig roast to celebrate her birthday, all three of her kids decided to join her.  When I told her I would ryde down on my Can-Am Spyder she requested that I bring an extra helmet to allow her to take a ride on my motorcycle. She had never ridden a motorcycle in all her eight decades on the planet and decided now was the time.  Florida has a motorcycle helmet optional law, but I need to protect my mom’s brain so nothing additional spills out beyond what already has.  🙂  Me?  I have nothing left to lose from my brain so I took advantage of the option.  (Also I would not ride without a helmet on two wheels but enjoy it on three.)

We went for two rides and she found herself enjoying it very much.  Not that she will run out and buy herself a bike, but she found the same freedom and enjoyment that I do on my motorcycle.  She never wanted to get above 40 mph and we didn’t stray far from where she lived (didn’t want the Interstate especially) but had fun nonetheless.  I will always treasure the pictures below.


Mom on the bike

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NEXT: Friends and Family get together on the road

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