Friends and Family along the Trail

While the instigating reason for my trip south on my Can-Am Spyder was to celebrate my mom’s birthday, I took advantage of the trip to visit friends and family along the way.

In Chapel Hill, NC I stopped to see my cousin Myra and her husband John.  They were the consummate hosts and it was great to see them again.  We need to get together more often and after this trip I hope we will.

Myra visit

I then headed to Athens GA to see my friend and magic mentor Henry Johnson.  It was wonderful to catch up with Henry and his wife Laurie.  I highly recommend you check out his website at to see the magic he brings to Doc Johnson’s traveling medicine shows.  Hire him for your event, he is the best there is.  We also want to schedule a longer reunion with old friends.


After that it was down to Florida for the main event.  Mom’s birthday, pig roast and motorcycle ride.  But you’ve heard enough of all that.  Instead here is a picture of mom, me, my sister Gin and my brother Ron, all together for a rare full family get together.  Of course, Josephine had to photo bomb.

Mom with 3 kids & Josephine

Finally, on the way back, stopped to see my niece Natalie and her boyfriend Evan.  It was a terrific get together and if I am back through Asheville any time soon, will stop again.  Silly me, I forget to snap a picture, but here is an archive photo of the two of them.

Natalie and Evan

Then, off to the Blue Ridge Parkway, my very best friend.  More about that soon!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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One thought on “Friends and Family along the Trail

  1. It was so wonderful to have you, Walt!! Come back to Asheville again soon…. we (and your best friend the parkway) will be waiting!


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