National Macaroon Day

Today is National Macaroon Day.  You may think of the coconut cookie but I think of the French confections made of egg whites and delicious magic.  It was a terrible burden but we decided to taste test several versions from Chelsea shops here in Manhattan to decide which was best.  You’re welcome.

There was a shop in Chelsea Market with a big poster of macaroon selections but they had none.  They get no credit.  The two shops I am familiar with: La Maison du Macaron on 23rd Street between 7th and 6th Avenue and La Bergamote at 9th Avenue and 20th Street (they also have an outlet on W 52nd St.).

Both were delicious but we preferred the La Bergamote version as it had a slight crust which added a dimension in the mouth feel.  However, now that I think of it, we didn’t use blindfolds.  That would be a better test.  I’ll be back with more samples!

dreamstime_xxl_16887875 variety French cookies food Macaroons

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TOMORROW: a very special and personal anniversary

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