National Garlic Day

Today is National Garlic Day.  Boy do I love garlic.  Two hints, one I learned in the last year, the other a long time ago.

This year I learned to make garlic chips.  Thinly slice (there is a great device for this, much like a mini mandolin) the garlic cloves.  Heat a shallow layer (but enough to float the garlic chips) of olive oil to medium or medium low heat.  Place the chips in the hot oil and flip as they brown.  Watch carefully to keep them from burning.  Scoop them out with a spider and lay on paper towels.  You make these ahead of time and sprinkle on tasty appetizers or main courses.

All time favorite is roasted garlic.  Heat you oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cut the tops off of a full clove.  Pour some olive oil over the top and wrap in foil, keeping the cut side up.  Place in oven (use a muffin tin if you want to make several) and heat for at least 30 minutes.  When all the cloves are softened remove from oven and let cool until can be handled.  Squeeze the softened garlic from the clove housing and use like a butter, spreading on crusty bread.

Both ideas can be used on a baked potato, providing different levels of yummy garlic goodness.  Enjoy!

dreamstime_xxl_14279519 food spice garlic

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TOMORROW: Maybe another review!

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