Last Chance to Dance on Broadway…

… at least to still be eligible for the 2018 TONY Awards!

This is always a crazy time of year when producers vie to open shows before the eligibility deadline (This year April 26).  That means six openings will occur between now and then, including Summer: The Donna Summer musical (and hence my title).  They rushed to open in this season because their premise is the same as The Cher Musical with three actresses playing different parts of a diva life.  They didn’t want to compete in the same award season and so rushed their opening.

I’ve seen a number of the shows opening and will see a few more before the nominee announcement May 1 and the TONY Awards ceremony on June 10 (note the date).  I try to never post my reviews until the official opening so you may see a minor flurry over the next two weeks.  Go see a Broadway show tomorrow!

dreamstime_xxl_72549146 BROADWAY sign

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TOMORROW: Another yummy day!

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