Review – Children of a Lesser God

You would think that having seen as many stage productions as I have that by now I would have seen just about everything.  Not quite.  I did not see earlier mountings or the movie of Children of a Lesser God but I saw the most recent Broadway version last night.  Of course I knew about the play, read the script, and how it opened the non-hearing world to greater integration and scrutiny.  I was even one of the few that enjoyed playwright Mark Medoff’s script for Prymate.  So last night I finally saw his most popular play Children of a Lesser God.

The script is very much of its time, stuck early in the eighties, emphasized here by Kenny Leon’s atmospheric music and creative staging.  But it holds up as a strong romance and deep exploration into the mind of a deaf person with resulting contradictions and unique perspectives.  The acting and design credits are all first rate and well worth the trip.  Recent grosses indicate this may last the summer but I highly recommend that you see the production.  Congrats to one and all.

BWAY Children of a Lesser God

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