Having fun with a Raclette (the device, not the cheese)

As noted here, yesterday was National Fondue Day.  As it happens I had been considering getting a fondue set and looked on Amazon.com.  It slid in a recommendation for something called a Raclette.  I was familiar with the cheese by that name, a perfect melting cheese good for sandwiches and other applications but had never heard of the device.  Guess I wasn’t as sophisticated as I thought I was after eating European fondue!

This device is similar to something I’ve had for years called Vermont hot stone.  That device was a slab of marble, heated in the oven and then placed over a Sterno heater to cook food at the dining table.  A lot of trouble, but very nice.  The Raclette is electric, has a griddle, grill AND marble slab and little trays to put under the heater to make concoctions that include melted cheese (yes, including but not exclusive to Raclette Cheese!).

I am still learning my around this new toy but it is lots of fun and very handy in a New York apartment where grilling is not easy.  I am experimenting with different foods, dipping sauces and cheese courses.  Check it out, a wonderful food toy to play with!

dreamstime_xxl_35543534 raclette food

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TOMORROW: a show review!

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