National Cheese Fondue Day

Today is National Cheese Fondue Day and I am supposing that pretty much everyone here knows what fondue is.  But when I was growing up in the sixties and seventies it was exotic and very special.  My parents had an electric fondue kit and when it was on the dinner table it was a special night.  My mom always made it tasty and the crusty bits of bread sopped up the delicious cheese perfectly.  There were vegetables there too but never figured out what they were for!  Looked nice on the table, I guess.

But I was entranced and loved it all the more because it was from Europe and that was a long way away from the Midwest and that made it special!  Indeed, those narrow spiky forks were neat.  Still a warm treat.  I may go out in search of a garage sale because pretty much everyone is dumping them out of the attic.  Not me.  Did I tell you it was from Europe?  Gotta be good!

dreamstime_xxl_80218313 cheese fondue food

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TOMORROW: more food!

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