Change vs. Concrete in the Big Apple

New York is known as the city that never sleeps.  It is certainly a dynamic and changing place.  I am all for preserving history and in favor of the Landmarks Preservation Law.  But we are not a museum and not a theme park.  Our innovation and growth are important so things must be torn down and new wonders built.  That creates a basic problem.

You see, we are based on concrete, block, asphalt and steel in our streets and sidewalks and buildings.  It is what defines us as a city.  So when we go to change it can be painful to the ears as a jackhammer chips away at the solid foundations of the previous city.  You can hear it all over midtown and downtown at any time.  While I try to block it out, it is music to my ears.  New things coming to my city.

Noisiest New York

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