National Spaghetti Day

Today is National Spaghetti Day and definitely my go to comfort food.  Whether topped with a bolognese, puttanesca, Ameritriciana or four way Cincinnati Chili (with onions, not beans, which are an abomination on Cincy Chili, but that is fodder for a different blog post), I love it.

Fortunately options for American pasta have improved exponentially in the last couple of decades.  In addition to improved quality dry products, you can find fresh made options in many stores now in abundance.  In addition you should certainly try making fresh pasta at home as I do on occasion.  There is nothing like it.  Then please dress it as the Italians do, with limited sauce so the pasta can shine.  Mmmm.  Hungry just thinking about it.  Gotta go.

dreamstime_xxl_83022525 dried pasta spaghetti cherry tomatoes peppercorns

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TOMORROW: About the storm

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