Quick word on Bomb Cyclone

Solid hit here in New York yesterday from the winter storm that hit the Northeast.  Regardless of the crazy terms bandied about this was a winter Nor’Easter in a very cold stretch.  Other areas got hit harder and New York thrives on mass transit and a solid infrastructure that kept the city going.  I made it to and from work with little delay but watched the storm’s high winds whip the snow horizontally for much of the day from the broad windows at Sotheby’s.  Pamela wisely never left the apartment building as getting around was treacherous.  Continuing cold weather will make things tough this weekend and may impact the WBAB Cold Finger Run motorcycle run this weekend, at least for us.  We’ll be fine, hoping folks in Long Island and Boston and other hard hit areas are doing well.

dreamstime_xxl_82954341 snow winter in city NYC

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NEXT WEEK: More on the city and shows.

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