Last week Pamela and I had the opportunity to take in a community theater production of A Man For All Seasons.  It was staged, quite credibly, by The Heights Players, a long standing and very active amateur group in Brooklyn Heights.  It has long been one of my favorite scripts of the 1960’s canon and I enjoyed this production.

We went primarily to watch the performance of Shelton Tripp who has been featured of three scripts I have written and Pamela directed.  He was predictably terrific.  While overall I may quibble with some of the choices made in the production it never interfered with my enjoyment of the show.  The script is the thing and this one is terrific (and tough for a community theater to tackle).  The old church building that serves as their theater is a fine place but it is a bit of a hike from our northern Manhattan lair.  They have an ambitious and very full season and you should stop by if you can for future productions.

OOB A Man For All Seasons

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TOMORROW: My first published script to appear next year!

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