Happy Birthday, Leonard is a semi-finalist

Thrilled to announce that my ten-minute play “Happy Birthday, Leonard” is a semi-finalist in the Still Crazy After All These Years festival by the Stray Kats Theatre Company in Newton, Connecticut.  It is one of 34 plays selected from 224 submissions.  They will further winnow their selections to arrive at 8 to 10 scripts to perform.  If it is chosen to move on further, I will let you know.  If not, you will likely hear nothing.  But I’m thrilled to be selected.  If my script is performed it is close enough to attend.  More playwriting later this week, so watch for it!

Stray Kats 2

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: Review of A Man For All Seasons

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