Review – Who’s Holiday

If you wonder what became of Cindy Lou Who,
There is something that you simply must do.

Save all of your pennies so you can pay
to see the new comedy “Who’s Holiday!”

Not a surprise that the estate of Seuss the creator
doesn’t want you to see the show at Westside Theatre.*

While the show is quite irreverent
You may find it oddly relevant.

You will love the performance of Margherita, Lesli
And laugh loud and hard, heartily and hilariously.

*(use the southern pronunciation here to make it rhyme)

Last year playwright Matthew Lombardo tried to mount his new play “Who’s Holiday!” at the New World Stages with Jennifer Simard.  I wanted to see it but the Dr. Seuss estate sent a cease and desist letter as the play presented a rather sordid version of what happened to little two year old Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  The producers decided to not mount the show.

But Lombardo fought back, suing the estate and winning because while another writer cannot willy-nilly use another writer’s stories and characters they can write a parody of the original work, using the same elements.  I’m so glad that he did.  Simard is busy with a gig in a little show you may have heard of called Hello, Dolly.  Lesli Margherita stepped into Cindy Lou Who’s shoes and does a wonderful job.  You really should see this one at the Westside Theatre before it closes on December 31.  Don’t bring the children but do bring an open mind and you will have a great time.

Set all in rhyming couplets it encompasses much more than just the Grinch as it touches your heart and jollies your soul.  I’m hoping it becomes an annual holiday tradition because I would be back every year!

OB Who's Holiday!

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