Review – Time and the Conways

“There is a great devil in the universe and we call it time.”  One of the defining lines from the Roundabout Theatre’s Broadway production of TIME AND THE CONWAYS.

Sometimes I can be a lazy theater goer.  Back in 1994 I saw a production of AN INSPECTOR CALLS by J.B. Priestly on Broadway.  One of the reviews (can’t remember which) noted that the innovative direction and design of the play refreshed an outdated, trite script.  That assessment stuck with me and I just assumed it true without more research.  When I heard another Priestly script would be revived by Roundabout I yawned and expected a hackneyed script polished but not revelatory.  I took my time about seeing the play and I was wrong.

This production also uses a minor but effective technical stage gimmick but otherwise could have been a faithful remounting from the original production many decades ago.  I sighed when it started, certain that I would sit through the dated production I fully expected.  But slowly I became fascinated with this unfolding family, not admirable but engrossing.  By the second act (played here seamlessly as the second part of the first act) I was completely captured.  Mr. Priestly was a terrific writer after all.  I must pay closer attention.

The cast does a marvelous job and the creative credits are solid in support.  I regret not seeing this one sooner.  Get there before it closes November 26 if you enjoy a story well told, a script well played and an experience you won’t easily forget.

BWAY Time and the Conways

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