My AeroGarden Update

In past posts I have told you about the plants I grow in AeroGardens in my NYC apartment.  A while back I described the cherry tomato plant that lasted more than a year and in August I gave you my recipe for Basil Pesto.

The tomato plant finally stopped bearing so I replanted the Bounty (large) AeroGarden with the two tomato plants you see here, already starting to flower, and a miniature jalapeño plant for fun (all grown from seeds).  Soon I will harvest the basil you see to the left in the Sprout (small) AeroGarden – don’t they have cute names? – make some more pesto and then transfer the plants to the large garden allowing me to plant new ones in the small.  Much more pesto in my future!

These devices have grow lights atop them and I have noticed that the basil will grow right into the lights, burning themselves on their artificial suns.  The tomato plants seem to be more cunning, spreading out instead of up into the lights, so I will experiment with raising the lights to draw them upwards.  Yep, I am now a plant scientist.


As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes


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